Moving to the Country Saved Their Son’s Life

If you are a parent of a child with autism, you know how terrifying the prospect of your child wandering away and running out into the street is. Greg Masucci Maya Wechsler faced that very same fear for their son, Max, who was diagnosed with autism at age three. And that’s why they moved from their urban home in a bustling area of Washington DC to the laid-back country—so that Max would stay safe.

The family of four (which includes their older, neurotypical daughter) now lives on a farm in Virginia, making a part of their living through selling organic produce. (Their business employs individuals with disabilities only. Pretty cool, huh?)

Though Greg and Maya moved to the country for the sake of their son, they have noticed that the entire family has benefited from their new location and lifestyle.

Learn more about the sweet family and their precious children in the video below. And make sure to stick around until the very end. Greg says something at 2:42 that will positively melt your heart!

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