Family Recreates Stimming Behavior to Better Understand Daughter with Autism

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The Maass family is well known by the autism community on YouTube and other platforms for their kind and fun-loving personalities and their senses of humor. Asa and Priscilla Maass and their kids, Isaiah and Abigail, certainly know how to have fun. And rather than let Abbie’s autism stop them, they’ve celebrated their daughter’s differences and used her disorder as an opportunity to have more adventures, make more friends, and learn new things.

With the help of his family, Asa Maass runs the FatheringAutism YouTube channel where the video below hails from. The channel is dedicated to answering autism-related questions, offering a sneak peek into an autism family’s daily activities, encouraging families who are struggling to find their rhythm as an autism family, and opening up discussion about the issues surrounding autism.

Photo: YouTube/FatheringAutism

Photo: YouTube/FatheringAutism

In this video, the Maasses try something new in an attempt to better understand their youngest member and her behavior. They copy some of Abbie’s favorite stimming behaviors—the repetitive actions she uses to stimulate, comfort, and express herself—to get a first-person understanding of her reasons for performing them.

Photo: YouTube/FatheringAutism

Photo: YouTube/FatheringAutism

While some stims are not exactly the rest of the family’s cup of tea, they do find several that make a lot of sense for reasons they’d never thought of before. When it comes right down to it, stimming is not really that “weird.” Even neurotypicals can get satisfaction out of certain stimulating behaviors that are generally associated with autism.

Check out the video below to see what Asa, Priscilla, and Isaiah can learn about the potential benefits of stimming just by participating in it!

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