11-Year-Old Is On A Mission To Save The World’s Oceans, One Piece Of Trash At A Time

One young boy from San Diego, California, is on a mission to connect today’s youth with the world’s oceans.

Connor Berryhill was just five years old when he grew interested in helping the planet and all of its endangered animals.

Photo: YouTube/Upworthy

While on a trip in Kauai, Hawaii, Connor was taking a morning walk down the beach when he discovered an endangered monk seal. Once he learned all about these animals and how they are often entangled in discarded fishing nets and beach trash, he instantly wanted to help clean up as many beaches as possible.

Today, Connor is 11 years old and has since taken his activism up a notch and has started his own nonprofit, MicroActivist.

Photo: YouTube/Upworthy

“Healthy marine ecosystems are critical for human survival, and today’s youth will become tomorrow’s advocates for change,” their website says. “We coordinate hands-on activities that connect kids with the ocean and all its creatures, create innovative education modules, and bring awareness to issues, marine wildlife and places that are in need.”

Over the years, many kids took notice in what Connor is doing to help save the oceans, and have decided to join him. Groups of kids from all over volunteer to help pick up trash and keep the beaches clean.

Photo: YouTube/Upworthy

“What started as one little boy’s mission to save endangered monk seals has grown into a movement of kids determined to change the fate of the oceans!” they wrote on their website.

Hear more of Connor’s inspiring story in the video below:

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