Clark, My Real Life Superman

When my ex and I chose the name Clark for our son, we automatically knew he was destined for great things. Clark was diagnosed with autism two years ago. After a good cry about his situation, we enrolled him in his IEP-assigned school. After 15 months of hard work and dedication, I’m proud to say that he’s in a less-restrictive classroom and on his way to kindergarten.

Some may say autism is a curse, or even a “problem”: we chose to see autism as Clark’s super-power. He has the ability to spot differences between nearly-identical items, and a remarkable sense of direction. And he can put a smile on anyone’s face. If that’s not incredible then I don’t know what is. I’ve heard plenty of times that “Clark is so lucky to have you as his mom,” and I’ve simply replied with “I’m the lucky one to have him as my son.” He has opened my heart to patience, genuine laughter, and unforgettable love. He’s my real-life superman.

Phoenix, AZ

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