An Easy Yet Powerful Way You Can Help Your Child Achieve Goals with Confidence

Many parents and teachers, especially those dealing with children on the autism spectrum, will often feel frustrated and powerless when trying to maintain rigid control over a classroom or household situation.

But maybe that’s because that’s not the best way to go, at least not for some kids with autism.

Maybe it can be more effective to be a little more flexible and give the child some say in what happens.

That’s why Rob from Autism Spectrum Therapies takes just a moment to discuss a simple strategy to give children the sense that they have some control over a situation, even if it’s only a little bit. For instance, letting them decide how they want to do their homework or choose which color of crayon they would like to use. It may seem small, but it can help lead to better cooperation.

Learn more about Rob’s Choice Making strategy by watching this video!

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