Chimes For Autism: Tyler’s Story

Tyler Doi was diagnosed with autism at an early age. When he was a little boy, he first became fascinated with stars. Soon, his focus shifted to birds and bird feeders.

Then one day, he went on a drive with his grandparents to look for interesting bird feeders, and they had difficulty spotting any — so someone in the car pointed out some wind chimes. “The rest,” Tyler’s dad says, “is history.”

His parents recently contacted Woodstock Chimes, the largest manufacturer of wind chimes in the world, and told them Tyler’s story and how much he loves wind chimes. So the company invited the family out to their headquarters to tour the facilities and have some fun.

Tyler has a unique ability to recognize Woodstock chimes, and in the following clip you’ll see his knowledge firsthand. Take a look at the video to learn more about Tyler and his unique talent. You’ll also get a chance to hear what Woodstock Chimes is doing for the autism community.

Check it out!

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