Stars and Rain School Is One of the Only Resources for Chinese Families with Autistic Children

In China the resources for families living with autism are very, very few. Less is commonly known about autism, and many children get diagnosed much later than they should. But even those who get diagnosed early often do not get the care they need, simply because resources are lacking so much in quality and quantity.

But there is one place, the Stars and Rain school on the outskirts of Bejing, where families of children with autism can find real happiness and progress for their children.

The school offers an 11-week course for children and families living with autism to learn coping techniques and symptom minimization. The staff recognizes that autism is not necessarily a bad thing, but the lack of communication between people with autism and neurotypical people often causes serious issues. Children with autism do not thrive in traditional school systems and often do not respond to traditional punishment and parenting styles.

This trailer for the film “Children of the Stars” gives us a brief glimpse into the life of one family touched by this special school.

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