Child with Autism Abused by Teachers: Say NO!

Most people can say they were bullied at one point during school years. But most of us might not be able to claim that among our experiences with bullies, teachers also joined in.

That’s what happened to a little boy with autism named Akian. Following complaints from Akian that he was being treated poorly by his teachers, Akian’s father sent him to school with a tape recorder. What the tape revealed was nothing more than shocking: the teachers can be heard taunting Akian and telling him to shut up.

No child should go to school in fear of the leaders who are supposed to help guide their futures. We must send a message to teachers that bullying students won’t be tolerated by creating federal anti-bullying laws that address not only peer-to-peer bullying, but also teacher-student bullying.

Ask for the swift implementation of federal anti-bullying laws!

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Dear Congress,

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the story of Akian Chaifetz, a young boy with autism who was verbally abused by his special needs teachers. Akian had complained to his father, Stuart Chaifetz, about the treatment he was receiving at school, so Stuart sent him to school with a tape recorder. What he found at the end of the day was nothing less than extreme verbal and psychological abuse.

The teachers can be heard discussing their previous night’s partying and calling Akian a “bastard.” At one point, Akian begins to cry, to which the teachers respond with more taunting.

Bullying on the part of one’s peers is one thing, but teacher-student bullying is absolutely unacceptable. Not to mention it’s counter-intuitive for any kind of learning and growth.

Because bullying is now taking on new dimensions and complexities, we need to have stronger laws that clarify bullying of ANY kind won’t be tolerated.

School shouldn’t be a place of violence and fear. Please create federal bullying laws so that our children may learn and grow in peaceful environments.

Thank you.

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