Autistic Child Handcuffed To Chair At Louisiana School

A nine-year-old boy with autism was handcuffed to a chair in the classroom after disobeying teachers and becoming violent, according to school documents.

Zykayden Henderson allegedly started having an episode after refusing to do his math homework at Winnsboro Elementary School in Winnsboro, Louisiana. He attempted to hit and headbutt his teachers.

Photo: YouTube/BRProud News – Local 33 / Fox44

“I had started throwing stuff and writing on the table. Then they had called the principal, and then the principal had called the police, and they handcuffed me,” Zykayden said.

Zykayden’s mom, Shrena Henderson, is outraged that her son was treated this way, saying that there was nothing “logical” about handcuffing him. When she arrived to pick up Zykayden after the incident, she was immediately concerned and snapped a picture.

Photo: YouTube/BRProud News – Local 33 / Fox44

“I noticed he was in the classroom by himself, four adults surrounding him, and he doesn’t have on shoes, he’s basically foaming at the mouth,” said Henderson.

She said her son is now “traumatized,” and that she is planning on homeschooling him. Zykaden was suspended for five days for his behavior.

Photo: YouTube/BRProud News – Local 33 / Fox44

The department apparently doesn’t have a policy in place for this type of thing, so it was new territory. Henderson said that accommodations for kids with disabilities need to be put in place.

Winnsboro Police Chief Willie Pierce said the situation was handled appropriately.

Photo: YouTube/BRProud News – Local 33 / Fox44

“If we stand back and watch this child keep doing what he’s doing, somebody’s gonna get injured. And we’re here to prevent anybody getting injured. Him being placed in handcuffs did not hurt that child,” said Pierce.

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