Cashier with Autism Steps Up to Help Veteran Who Couldn’t Pay His Full Grocery Bill

In a touching turn of events, a cashier with autism stepped up to help a veteran who was unable to pay his full grocery bill. We’re so glad there are stories like this to show that there’s still good in the world!

Briar Poirier was already well-known and well-liked in the little town of Oxford, Massachusetts, where he works as a cashier at a grocery store called Market Basket. He embraces his autism diagnosis and describes himself as loving “music, knowledge, video gaming, and compassion.” But he’s become a full-blown hometown hero after his random act of kindness toward a customer who was a little bit short on cash recently.

Photo: CBS 4 WBZ

“I was an aisle ahead of Briar, and he was cashing out an elderly man who happened to be a veteran,” recalls Renee Falcioni, an emergency room nurse who was there to witness the touching moment. “And the veteran was short paying for his grocery bill, and, without hesitation, Briar took out his wallet and said, ‘I’ve got this.'”

Photo: CBS 4 WBZ

The elderly veteran had used a $25 Market Basket gift card to pay for most of his groceries but had come up about three dollars short of his total. Briar says he could tell from the man’s attire that he was a veteran and wanted to thank him for his service by paying for the rest of his groceries.

“The gentleman had a couple basic necessities and looked like he was a little down on his luck, and the man fought for our country, fought for our freedoms, our rights. It’s the least I could do for him,” says Briar.

Photo: CBS 4 WBZ

Renee, who shops at the store often and says Briar always lightens her mood and makes her day better, says the small act of kindness obviously made a huge difference for the veteran.

“I turned around and saw the veteran,” she says. “His eyes just lit up. And he shook his hand and said thank you and had a big smile from ear to ear.”

Photo: CBS 4 WBZ

Renee later posted the story on Facebook. She says she later learned that this wasn’t the first time Briar had done something kind for a customer in need.

“My parents taught me that hard work, perseverance, and just being kind to others can help accomplish a lot in the world,” Briar explains. “I’m hoping more people can help each other in times of need, whether you be a stranger or a friend. Just to make people’s day better.”

Photo: CBS 4 WBZ

Well, one thing is for sure. The world could certainly use more people like Briar! He’s an excellent model for how we should all be treating each other every day.

Check out the video below to learn more about this selfless and humble cashier and his kind actions that constantly restore his community’s faith in humanity.

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