5-Year-Old With Autism LOVES Going To The Car Wash… So Staff Made Him Honorary Manager!

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Need a little good news today? We’ve got you covered. Or rather, five-year-old Jude Rudics has you covered. He’s just received a very important promotion: he’s recently gone from car wash enthusiast to honorary car wash assistant manager at a Mint Smartwash in Alberta, Canada.

Jude, who was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old, loves going to the carwash. He loves the motion, the lights, and especially the tricolored soap. The family yells, “Unicorn Soap!” every time the suds hit the car.

Jude’s dad, Brandon Rudics, said that the carwash could always make Jude happy, even when he was having a hard day. Jude’s mom, Hope Rudics, shared on Facebook that the carwash is one of only two things that can help Jude avoid a meltdown. His other failsafe, of course, is ice cream.

“As soon as we pull up to the car wash, not even inside it yet, he starts getting excited, all jazzed up to get going,” Brandon said.

The family bought a membership to the carwash as the frequent trips were getting rather pricey, and then they started going nearly every day. Sure, the family car was perhaps overly clean, but what’s one more three-minute wash when it makes a five-year-old so happy?

When Brandon gave a car wash business card to Jude, Jude’s enthusiasm reached a new level. Jude taped the card on his shirt and announced that he now worked for the car wash.

Brandon shared the cute story with car wash staff, and the staff felt that such a big fan ought to have a proper uniform. So they invited Jude in to give him some official car wash gear, including a branded water bottle, hat, shirt, and personalized assistant manager name tag. Jude has also been offered a behind-the-scenes car wash tour for him and his friends.

“He’s become one with our team, and I mean, little Jude, we love seeing the black car he comes in every day,” Shad Nelson, the car wash’s general manager, said.

How does Jude feel about all this? His mom posted to Facebook that, “Jude has been over the moon about his new position as ‘assistant manager’ and we cant wait to come back… tomorrow.”

Brandon shared the story on his Twitter page and it’s been viewed thousands of times. Mint Smartwash’s act of kindness has inspired people in Canada and beyond. Since sharing their experience, Brandon and Hope have heard from many other parents of children with autism that love the sensory experience a drive-thru carwash offers.

Photo: Facebook/ Hope Ashlee Rudics

Photo: Facebook/ Hope Ashlee Rudics

Brandon and Hope are now inviting other special needs children in the area to join Jude on his upcoming car wash tour!

Good luck in your new management position, Jude!

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