Carrie Underwood And Dolly Parton Perform An Unforgettable Rendition Of ‘I Will Always Love You’

Dolly Parton + Carrie Underwood = have to share! See one legend join another in another with a promise: “I Will Always Love You!”

Since her debut hit “Jesus Take the Wheel” fresh off winning American Idol, we’ve been big fans of Carrie Underwood.

Long before Carrie’s rise to the top of the charts, Dolly Parton was making music full of subtle biblical references, inspiring generations of rising musicians behind her, and her collaborations on modern tracks are always a highlight.

They’re two legends of different eras, both famous for incredible singing chops and their matching blonde manes. These two remarkable country singers are so lovely and compliment each other very well. And here, Dolly and Carrie get together for a once-in-a-lifetime moment. After chatting and talking about their careers, where they’ve been and what the future holds for them, they blow us away with a song you might think famous more for Whitney Houston’s pop take (I sure did!), but when they sing this lovely song together, you’ll know it was Dolly’s all along.

See them sing this lovely song together and let it fill you with love! Click below to hear “I Will Always Love You” and sing along!

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