Café Employs People With Disabilities, Helps Them Build Independence & Confidence

A cafe in Australia is hoping to bridge the gap for people with disabilities by giving them the opportunity for training and employment.

Through Carpentaria’s Pathways Program, people are able to receive training, certified qualifications and work experience within a fun and supportive café environment, while learning about hygiene and basic food preparation.

The training focuses on job readiness and building independence to help them reach their potential and potentially have a job afterward.

It includes individualized program content aligned to specific NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) goals.

Not only does it lead into all hospitality, food and beverage opportunities and further training, but it also helps its participants build confidence and self-esteem.

A dozen workers have already earned certificates and jobs.

In addition to the café program, Carpentaria also offers therapy services and independent living programs.

Carpentaria is an organization that focuses on the needs and goals of each individual. In addition to the cafe program, they also provide Disability and Therapy Services for children, adolescents and adults, through Supported Independent Living, Short Term Accommodation, Allied Health therapy programs, and Pathways Program.

“We deliver innovative and flexible services to empower people to thrive and live a great life, and are committed to a philosophy that respects the rights of individuals to make informed choices about their lives,” they wrote on their website.

Click here to learn more about their services and programs, and watch the video below:

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