Carly Was Nonverbal and Presumed Incompetent, But When She Learned to Type, She Proved Them Wrong

It was within months of being born that Carly’s parents noticed there was something different about her, since she was not reaching milestones in her life as fast as her twin sister. It was when she was two years old, however, that she was diagnosed with autism. She was non-verbal and trapped inside of her own body. Many people believed that she would not only never speak or communicate but also never have the intelligence or ability to think clearly that a neurotypical person would.

It wasn’t until years later and after endless hours of intense therapy, that Carly found her voice through a keyboard. It was a severe toothache that finally prompted her to find a way to communicate with her family through words, and it came as quite a surprise to all involved.

Watch this amazing trailer to Carly’s new book, Carly’s Voice, co-authored by her father, Arthur Fleischmann, as she describes what it’s like being a young person living with autism, and how she’s striving to be an advocate for other children just like her who have been diagnosed with autism but just haven’t found their voices yet.

Carly is raising awareness for autism and her story has caught the world’s attention — now it’s your turn! Check out the video and share it with your friends!

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