Bus Aide Forcefully Restrains Autistic Boy Who Was Already in a Harness, Leaves Marks on Him

Madeleine Kammerer’s autistic son has been in therapy for three years and made lots of big leaps, but it only took a week for him to lose most of his progress, and Madeleine says it’s all thanks to an incident that took place on his Katy Independent School District bus.

The 4-year-old child was allegedly already buckled into his seat on his special needs school bus when an aide came and sat down next to him. The bus’s camera doesn’t record what was said, but the footage makes it evident that the two exchanged some words before the child raised his hand toward the aide’s face. That’s when she grabbed his arms forcefully to restrain him. She even appears to strike the boy in the face with her hand.

“She comes up and holds out his arms, and you hear her saying something to him, and then the next thing you know, he is screaming,” says Madeleine.

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When her son got home from school that day, she noticed marks on his arm. Upon further investigation, she could see not only fresh scratches and marks on him but also what appeared to be indentations from fingernails. That’s when she knew she had to see the tape and find out what happened.

Photo: Click2Houston

“My son was 4 years old at the time. He was already in a five-point harness,” says Madeleine. “She had no business going down and sitting with my child and restraining him unnecessarily while he was already being restrained.”

Since the incident, the child has not been himself, according to his family. “As a mom, that’s hard to see, knowing how far he has come,” says Madeleine. “He is now going back to things like hitting himself.”

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The aide declined to comment on the matter, but she will now be facing charges for injuring a child. The district has not yet commented on the situation either.

“These people are supposed to be people that know how to handle special needs,” says Madeleine. “Their job is to make sure that my child got here safely, and they didn’t do that.”

Check out the video below to learn more.

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