Did You Know the Tooth Fairy is Named Bruce?

It’s amazing what parents will do to keep the magic of childhood alive for their kids. When Jacob Hall’s son Evan wanted to know why the tooth fairy was late in paying him for a recently lost tooth, Jacob came up with an awesome answer.

The tooth fairy lives in Australia and had a long way to travel.

To lend authenticity to his claims, Jacob reached out on social media, asking if an Australian native might be willing to record a message to Evan as “Bruce the Tooth Fairy.”

The response, according to Jacob Hall, was overwhelming. Father-of-three Jeff Pyrotek, from Seymour in Victoria was one of the many people who agreed to help. He recorded a message for young Evan.

Mr. Hall told Daily Mail that Evan was ‘totally overjoyed’ by the message. “My son woke up this morning and found a reply to his letter saying ‘Evan, thank you for leaving me another tooth. I left something special for you on dad’s phone,’” Mr Hall said. “He burst into my room and woke me up at 6am of course, frantically explaining to me that I have to check my phone because the tooth fairy told him so.”

We love all Jacob did to keep the magic of childhood alive for his son, and the amazing way the people of Australia, especially Jeff Pyrotek, helped make that possible.

Do you have any awesome tooth fairy stories? Let us know in the comments!

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