Four Sisters and a Heartfelt Performance Completed The 60th Birthday of Their Brother with Down Syndrome

The love and care people with Down syndrome receive helps them thrive well. Being surrounded by supportive people makes them feel they are more than the disorder. Nowadays, those with Down syndrome can participate in society. They get hired for jobs, and they even establish their own businesses. The developmental disorder does not hinder them from gaining the life they desire. Their loved ones would not allow Down syndrome to stop them from enjoying life until old age. That’s why aside from support, family and friends would dedicate their time to them. Even when they are older and have become busy with other priorities, they ensure that they still feel included in their life.

Photo: Instagram/majicallynews

People with Down syndrome certainly deserve to be loved until old age, despite their condition. And four sisters conveyed those feelings during their brother’s birthday. All of them might have aged, but the closeness remains — the sisters would do anything to make their brother happy. Ted has Down syndrome, and he recently celebrated his 60th birthday. His sisters were all present, as they were ready to make his day extra special. The four of them prepared a special number — they sang their hearts out as Ted sat in front of them. It wasn’t the traditional birthday song, but instead a piece with lyrics especially composed for their brother.

Photo: Instagram/majicallynews

“No handsome face could ever take the place of our Ted,” sang the four ladies. Being treated special at an old age, and presented with those lyrics, can truly make someone cry. Ted shed tears before he smiled for his sisters — they certainly completed the celebration. He is forever adored and cherished by his family. Apparently, Ted and his sisters are five of the ten kids in their family. He was the youngest, according to a video shared by Laura on Instagram — a family member who initially shared the moment on TikTok. She uploaded the video on Instagram to convey gratitude to the people who celebrated with the siblings.

Majically News also posted the video, which has gained 225k views, 21.8k likes, and hundreds of comments. Both Instagram reels were well-received by netizens, and more people greeted Ted with a happy birthday. Netizens were touched and delighted with the performance of the four sisters. “To be given sisters like this is a true blessing of God. Happy Birthday Ted,” beachbound100 commented. Indeed, the four sisters are heaven-sent. It’s heartwarming to witness people with Down syndrome live a normal and bright life. You’ll definitely cry and smile because of their sibling relationship. The people you share the video with will thank you for giving them a reason to see the world in a better light.

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