Bringing Attention To Autism Issues

Applied Behavior Analysis has become a type of therapy many families living with autism seek for as treatment. Three-year-old Cody is one of many children who have been diagnosed with autism and has shown dramatic changes in language and socialization since he began therapy. To continue success he’s been making with therapy his pediatrician has prescribed 25 hours of therapy per week, unfortunately his parents health insurance will only pay for 12 sessions out of the 25.

This is only one of many instances that stop many autism families short of providing their children with the assistance they need to become successful individuals in mainstream society. Today autism has become a healthy crisis because in the last six years those diagnosed with autism has raised to 78%. To help these families the federal government needs to reauthorized the Combatting Autism Act and face the many issues autism brings into adult years. Watch and listen to show your support for this growing need!

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