Sister to Bride: Just Because You’re Getting Married, Your Happiness Is the Only Thing that Matters?

“Sisters are a gift from God.
Sisters are your friends.
Sisters stay right by your side
When the road twists and bends.

Sisters never let you down.
They always lend a hand.
Sisters are the best example
Of leaving footprints in the sand.

Photo: Pexels/Aleksey Kuprikov

Sisters love girls’ nights out
And painting each other’s nails.
They love giving you advice
When everything you’ve tried fails.

Sisters always love each other.
Their love never goes away.
Instead God makes it grow
Stronger every day.

Sisters may have fights sometimes,
But they always stay together.
No matter where your sister goes,
She’ll be in your heart forever.”
by Marena, The Meaning of Sisters

Photo: Pexels/Streetwindy

If you search for poems about sisters, there are very few in comparison with the number of poems about love, mothers, fathers, heroes, and pets.

It seems very few have been inspired to write about sisterhood by blood. There are many stories and poems about friendships among women that have carved niches in our hearts, like Ruth and Naomi, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, Marilyn Monroe and Susan Strasberg, the Golden Girls, and Thelma and Louise. Women who have loved one another like real family.

But blood sisters who have legendary love for each other? There are more tales about jealousy, selfishness, endless fights, and betrayals.

Photo: Pexels/Craig Adderley

Here’s another one of those stories where a woman who’s getting married thinks her happiness should be everyone else’s number one priority. She now threatens not to invite her sister to her wedding if she does not obey her conditions, including dyeing her sister’s hair to be different from hers on her wedding day.

This post was shared by her sister on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum, under the username u/Traditional_List_263: “My sister has always been a ‘wedding’ person, as in she’s dreamed and planned her wedding even before meeting her boyfriend. Now that she’s engaged, she wants it all: expensive cinematic venue, guest list in the hundreds, designer dress, etc, and she cares a lot about being the ‘the first’ and making everything ‘special and just hers.’ I legitimately have nothing against that, and I’m happy that she’s getting what she wants.”

But trouble cropped up when OP’s boyfriend tried to surprise her with a trip to a tropical island on their anniversary. Her boyfriend was not close to OP’s sister and her fiance, hence he was unaware that the destination he picked out was the very same place where OP’s sister wanted to go to for her honeymoon.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

It caused a furor in their family when OP happily shared the news with her family while they were all dining together. Her sister reacted as if OP’s boyfriend had destroyed a vital part of her wedding plan, even though they had not even made a booking at the place, while OP’s boyfriend had already made reservations.

Here’s what her sister told OP and how she reacted, as related in the post: “She says that if I go there first, I’ll take away the surprise and specialness of the destination and is insisting that I cancel or change the destination. I’m pretty upset and called her entitled because there’s no way I’m going to tell my boyfriend to change something very nice he did for me! My sister is now threatening to remove me from the wedding if I don’t change my vacation, and my parents are begging me to give in to keep the peace.”

Photo: Pexels/Danik Prihodko

You could hardly believe the kind of things sisters are fighting over these days. And these are adults. Worse, there are many family members who would insist on giving in to unreasonable demands just to keep the peace.

As she ended her post, OP wrote, “My boyfriend has offered to pick a new location because he hates seeing me upset and fighting with family, so I wonder if I’m being the AH for being so stubborn about it all.”

How did the AITA community judge these sisters?

Photo: Pexels/Ba Tik

They favored OP and slammed the bride! So much for being related by blood – some family members think it entitles them to everything they want.

From Imaginary_Being1949: “NTA. Why should you have to cater to her insane behavior?”

From bookqueen3: “Well, if she kicks you out of the wedding for going on the vacation, you won’t have to dye your hair. Tell your parents to tell your sister to stop claiming things she doesn’t own as hers ‘to keep the peace.’ Have fun at her dream destination.”

From bunnyvx: “Sweetheart, this is not normal. She’s trying to control everything about you. She can’t dictate what you do with your hair or any aspect of your life. GO ON THAT VACATION!! Do not miss out on such an amazing opportunity and an incredible time with your partner just because your sister is an entitled brat.”

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