Breslin’s Story Will Touch Your Heart

Many parents of children with autism struggle to accept the diagnosis. But the truth is that accepting that your child has autism is the first step (and one of the most important steps) to getting on the right track with early intervention and therapies that will help your son or daughter learn how to interact with a world that doesn’t understand them.

When Breslin was nine months old, his mother Cathrine noticed he did things differently than the other children in play group. He wouldn’t look at her when she called his name. “Breslin was in his own mind,” Cathrine says, “and nobody else was around.”

So she began googling potential causes for his behavior, including hearing loss and developmental delays. She remembered having seen Toni Braxton’s PSA about autism when she was pregnant with Breslin, but she pushed the thought away.

When she finally gave in and looked up the signs of autism, she realized it described her son perfectly. She was then able to get him started with a program that changed both their lives.

Take a look at the video to hear more about Cathrine and Breslin’s journey with autism.

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