Brendon’s Success Story

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When my son Brendon lost the ability to clap his hands, point, and say simple words such as mama, I researched autism online and asked his pediatrician about his symptoms. She referred me to a developmental pediatrician who told me it would take at least four months to get an appointment. I did not want to wait for my son to begin to get the help he desperately needed, so I took him to the National Autism Center in Randolph, MA. He underwent a series of tests, and was diagnosed with autism at age two.

He promptly began ABA therapy in the home and also had early intervention to help him learn sign language and make simple sounds. I really never thought I would see the day that he would be able to say “Mama” or “I love you.” Once he turned three he entered preschool in a special education program. He continued to receive speech and occupational therapy. He is now four years old and has recently been integrated into a regular classroom setting! He can speak in full sentences and continues to receive speech and occupational therapy. His teacher says that his math skills are already that of a kindergartner! He has come so far that it is absolutely amazing.

I never gave up hope for my son and always treated him as if he did not have a disability. I am so blessed to have had this experience and to watch him grow and develop into the wonderful, caring, beautiful child that he is.

Dartmouth, MA

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