Breaking the Barriers of Autism with Meditation

Communication is difficult for everyone on the autism spectrum to varying degrees, and it can be an incredibly stressful endeavor.

Joey Lowenstein was diagnosed with ASD at a very young age, and for most of his life he was unable to communicate altogether with his family. One day, when Joey was a teen, his mother introduced him to transcendental meditation — which has been shown to significantly relieve stress — and she believes that their short, daily meditations have helped Joey improve immensely.

Joey learned to communicate with others using a letter-board, where he points to letters so that other people can “read” what he wants to say. And now that meditation has changed his life, he wants to help other people with special needs get the help they need to calm their minds and learn to communicate as well.

Recently, he has even started the Joey Lowenstein Foundation, which seeks to break the barriers of autism through meditation and better communication strategies.

Watch this video to see Joey’s story, and learn more about how meditation has helped him break barriers. This man never gives up, and we’re super proud of all the amazing work he and his family have done! Keep it up, Joey!

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