This Potential Diagnosistic Technique Could Change Everything!

Currently, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed by a clinician, who observes the patient’s behavior and developmental history to determine whether he or she may have ASD tendencies. Although there are set guidelines to determining whether someone is on the autism spectrum, there is some variation in the ways different doctors diagnose the disease.

However, researchers are working on a more objective approach to diagnosing ASD, by measuring brainwaves and comparing them to the classical behavioral and developmental diagnoses.

If this diagnostic tool proves effective, it could mean earlier diagnosis and earlier interventions, allowing the person with autism to have an easier time overcoming obstacles of communication and learning.

We’re super excited about the possibility of making life easier for people with autism and their families!

Watch to see how neuroscientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine are using state-of-the-art technology to transform the way that ASD is diagnosed.

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