Brainwave Test Diagnoses Autism in Toddlers

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By Timothy Boyer for

According to health officials, the incidence of autism is now at approximately 1 of out every 68 children and is believed to be increasing at an alarming rate. While a distinct cause and cure is not yet available, physicians have had to rely on relatively subjective behavioral exams for making a diagnosis rather than on less-biased and more accurate testing methods. However, how autism is diagnosed may soon change with the invention of a brain wave test using EEG technology and computing algorithms to measure differences in connectivity between brain regions in children as young as 2 years old.

One of the most important facets of treating autism is early diagnosis. The earlier an accurate diagnosis of autism is made, the earlier that treatment and training can begin to take advantage of a young and still-developing brain to compensate for what nature by itself needs a helping hand toward shaping a young mind.

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