The Flash Mob Does A Fantastic Job — And The Little Girl Almost Steals The Show! It’s So Sweet!

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These flash mob participants are gathering in Library Square in Vancouver, British Columbia to promote a very special day: BRA Day!

BRA Day (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day) is held annually on October 15 to raise awareness of women’s reconstruction options. Sadly, not all women know their reconstruction options, and while they’re grappling with the stress of a breast cancer diagnosis, they need doctors to be clear with them about what their options are. That doesn’t always happen. In fact, only 7 out of 10 women know their options. This is unacceptable! The flash mob participants in this video hope to change that!

If you think that doctors should be required by law to give patients all of their breast cancer reconstruction options before surgery, sign the petition: Let Women Know Their Options After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis!

Take a look at this upbeat video, and be sure to spread the word about making sure women know their reconstruction options!

Watch now!

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