Company Gives Boy With Autism The Recipe To Their Discontinued Waffles Because It’s The Only Food He’ll Eat

When one 10-year-old boy’s favorite food was discontinued, his mom began to panic. Afraid her son would give up on food altogether, she went in search of every remaining box of the Nature Paths Maple Cinnamon waffles. But what she ended up getting was even better than the waffles themselves.

Jerico Roman was diagnosed with autism at 2-years-old, and he also suffers from Extreme Oral Aversion & Complex Eating challenges, according to a post his mom, Jenna, shared on social media.

Because of this, the only solid food her son will touch is the Nature Paths Maple Cinnamon waffles. Jerico has always only eaten a cinnamon-type waffle, though his previous preference was discounted. However, his mom spent two weeks trying to find a replacement that he would accept and finally landed on the Nature Paths Maple Cinnamon waffles!

Photo: Facebook/Waffles for Jerico

Unfortunately, this success didn’t last long for shortly after having him accept the waffles as the only food he’d eat, the flavor he wanted was discontinued. Jenna tried offering Jerico similar products in hopes that he’d accept one, but he refused to eat any solid food except for that one brand of waffles. As the mom shared with Global News, Jerico eats 12 waffles every day.

“He will not eat anything [else], and it will spiral downhill. A parent not having food to feed to their child, especially with dealing with so many challenges, I can’t even explain in words what that feels like,” Jenna said to Global News.

Photo: Facebook/Waffles for Jerico

Jenna also shared that Jerico eats 6 cups of smoothie, along with his 12 waffles. According to Jenna, the smoothie is loaded with as “as much as I can in it and it still be acceptable to him,” and usually contains avocado, carrots, berries, milk, collagen, baby formula, a multi-vitamin, super food powder, and probiotics. With the smoothie, he can get a lot of important nutrients that he needs. However, without his solid food (the waffles), he’ll start on a spiral of food anxiety and stop eating anything altogether. Jenna fears he’ll end up in the hospital on a feeding tube if that happens.

Unsure what else to do, Jenna took to social media to ask for help. She started a GoFundMe to assist her with purchasing every last box of the Nature Paths Maple Cinnamon waffles she could find before they were completely gone forever. Her plea for help did more than get her a few boxes of the waffles. It got the attention of the Nature Paths company!

Photo: Waffles for Jerico

The company not only sent her and her family several cases of the discounted product along with extra goodies, but they also gifted her the recipe for the waffles so she could make them at home and never worry about running out again.

“I am speechless. This is exactly what I needed… Thank you,” she said, according to Global News.

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