9 “Little” Things That Are a Big Deal to These People with Autism

People with autism tend to have certain sensitivities and things that irk them—some of which may confuse those who do not have the disorder. Those things may be small, and they may be big.

Reddit User capable_duck, an autistic adult, wanted to know what some of these things were. Here are some of the interesting responses the autistic Reddit community provided. While everyone on the spectrum is different, these things are definitely good to know, as it can help us foster understanding and compassion.

Check it out!

(Note: some responses have been lightly edited for language.)

Adobe Stock/chuugo
Adobe Stock/chuugo

9. Mixing Foods

“I don’t understand how people can eat food that has been mixed up. EVER. For example: a Korean dish called Bibimbap, comes with everything in a big bowl, separated, and I was really excited to eat it. Then someone started mixing it all up together into one big swamp and I was so surprised and upset I yelled so loud the waitress came over.” —Reddit user bradystrasse

8. Uncovering Arms

“I hate taking off my jacket. My arms should be covered unless the heat makes it completely intolerable. I’ve had my aunt try to physically pry it off me.” —Reddit user Serpenthrope

7. Clothing

Adobe Stock/Stephen Orsillo
Adobe Stock/Stephen Orsillo

“Any clothes that go in the dirty laundry basket are automatically too dirty to wear. Any clothes I’ve put on are automatically too dirty to put them back in the closet, but if they are still clean, it’s okay to wear them again, they just have to go on the floor until I wear them.” —Reddit user P-01S

6. Walking on Grass

“I can’t wrap my mind around how being barefoot on grass can be tolerable let alone nice.” —Reddit user TheGregward87

5. Showers

“I don’t even understand it that much; I usually like rain but dislike showers. Why?” —Reddit user Icearstorm

4. Gifts

Adobe Stock/boonchok
Adobe Stock/boonchok

“Expecting me to surprise them with a gift, after specifically saying do not do anything for their birthday/anniversary/Christmas.” —Reddit user RoboNinjaPirate

3. Small Talk

“I have never understood the purpose of small talk. Just seems like a waste of breath to me.” —Reddit user jones_maltsberger

2. Sand

Adobe Stock/Pakhnyushchyy
Adobe Stock/Pakhnyushchyy

“I can’t go to the beach because I can’t tolerate sand.” —Reddit user tyrelltsura

1. Certain Plates and Bowls

“I can’t eat using plates or bowls with words on the side or drink out of mugs for some reason. I’m fine with something like a cake being on a word plate then me taking a slice off and eating it, but not from the plate. It has to be eaten off a different plate or with no plate at all.” —Reddit user Piculra

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