This Blind Singer on the Spectrum Has an Incredible Gift. Just Listen to Him Perform!

Christopher Duffley is a blind boy on the autism spectrum with a beautifully sweet voice. His story will pull at your heart, and so will his song.

His mother was on drugs during her pregnancy with Christopher. After he was born prematurely, Christopher was placed into the foster system. Shortly thereafter, his uncle traveled to Florida to adopt him into their family — and he has been a blessing to them ever since.

According to his website, Christopher has been singing before he even started talking. He has used his talent in a variety of settings, including worship services and sporting events (in which he sung the National Anthem—perhaps the most famous of which was his 2015 rendition sung at Fenway Park). He has also released several albums.

Listen to his uncle’s heartwarming introduction, and then listen to this extraordinary boy sing his favorite song, “Open the Eyes of My Heart!”

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