Blind Girl With Autism Surprises Crowd With Incredible Piano Performance

A crowd in the U.K. was moved to tears after watching an incredible piano performance by a blind girl with autism.

13-year-old Lucy recently had the opportunity to perform on an episode of Channel 4’s The Piano and she did not disappoint.

Photo: YouTube/n3td3v

In a touching video, you can see Lucy, who is blind and has autism and other learning disabilities, step up to the piano at Leed’s train station in Birmingham.

Her music piece of choice? Opus 9 Number 1 by Frédéric François Chopin.

Photo: YouTube/n3td3v

Judges watched on from a secret room while Lucy blew the crowd away with her moving performance. People in the crowd visibly wiped tears away as they listened to her music and saw the passion she put into it.

At the end of the video, the crowd erupted in big applause. People were left speechless and could hardly believe the quality and passion of the music.

Photo: YouTube/n3td3v

It’s not every day you go to a train station and hear such amazing talent!

In the clip, a woman who appears to be Lucy’s mom explains: “She likes the applause, but she doesn’t like the sound of the applause. So her fingers go in her ears for sensory reasons.”

You can watch the incredible performance for yourself in the video below:

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