The Mom Version of “Blank Space” Hilariously and Accurately Captures the Reality of Parenting

Parenting is a wonderful experience, filled with incredible joy and unbridled love.

But can we be honest, here? It’s really, really hard, too.

Sleepless nights, little privacy or free time, that oatmeal-brained feeling you get after watching your child’s favorite yet insipid TV show again and again and again, the urge to drink copious amounts of coffee…or wine…or coffee mixed with wine…

Moms and Dads—can you relate to that? If so, you’ll appreciate this parody of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” It speaks to every frazzled (and caffeine-addicted) parent.

Though parenting is a fantastic, indescribable experience that is definitely worth it all in the end, it can be fun to laugh at the more trying parts of the experience (you know, so we don’t start crying…).

Take a look! Then be sure to share it with any other parents who can relate and laugh it up together!

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