He’s Got Mail: How This Girl is Giving Her Brother with ASD the Perfect Birthday Gift

The bond between siblings is often strong, and such is definitely the case for 12-year-old Kaitlyn and (almost) 11-year-old Kristian Hayes. They’re best friends. Kristian is on the spectrum and Kaitlyn is his “No. 1 support,” according to the duo’s mother.

That being said, Kristian’s birthday is September 2, and Big Sis wants to ensure his special day is the best ever. Her gift idea couldn’t be more perfect, but she can’t do it without a bit of help.

See, Kristian loves mail. He loves getting it, and he has a special collection of stamps that nobody is allowed to touch. So Kaitlyn decided to ask the world for a little favor that would make a big impact: send Kristian a letter for his birthday.

Kristian Hayes, P.O. Box 286, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, B0K 1S0, Canada
Firefighters vs. Autism via Heidi Hayes

As of August 7, the photo has drawn in 12 letters, and Kaitlyn is thrilled.

“When she saw that this was moving and it was actually getting somewhere, her excitement is building,” her mother said. “She is so excited. She has her little notebook now that every day, her and her grandfather go get the mail. She’s keeping a tally.”

If you’d like to help out this sweet sister and take part in her cool idea, send your letters to this address before September 2:

Kristian Hayes
P.O. Box 286
Stellarton, Nova Scotia
B0K 1S0, Canada

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