Boy with Autism Loves to Sit Outside This Jewelry Store, Where He Can Stare at Their Sign

Do you have a happy place? Somewhere or something that just instantly makes you feel better for some reason? I know I do—in fact, I’ve had many over the years. I suspect everyone else in the world has had at least one such place at some point in their lives too.

Well, this eight-year-old boy on the spectrum, Oscar Caesar, has a happy place, too: the Ben Bridge Jeweler in his local mall. But it’s not necessarily the store itself he loves…it’s their sign. What he really takes a fancy to is the elegant script of the font used in their logo. That’s right. He likes to simply sit outside the store and stare at it. There’s something about the curls of the letters that really brings this little boy peace.

Photo: Facebook/King 5

Sometimes Oscar will ask his mother, Heidi Fredericks, to take him to the store three times in a single day to sit outside and stare at it. It relaxes and calms him—in fact, he’s even been able to play with My Little Pony toys in the store. Playing is something he’s never done in public before, but with the sign’s help, he’s able to stay calm enough to do it.

Photo: Facebook/King 5

Fredericks doesn’t quite understand what it is about Ben Bridge and their logo that makes Oscar so happy. But she is immensely thankful nonetheless…and especially thankful for the staff, who have warmly welcomed Oscar and his extra-special interests and habits.

“You have changed his life,” she tells an employee in the touching video below, her voice slightly choked with tears.

Check out the video to learn more about Oscar’s happy place!

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