This Brief Glimpse Into Severe Autism Will Break Your Heart — And Give You Hope!

Speaking is something that many of us can take for granted. However, for some people on the spectrum, learning to speak can be a challenge — sometimes a lifelong one. And for those on the severe end of the spectrum, they may remain nonverbal their whole lives.

Isabella is a beautiful little girl with severe autism. In the following video, she works with her mother and her caretaker to say, “mmm.”

Per her mother’s YouTube page: It is a herculean effort for a non-verbal autistic child to attempt to speak. They have to be extremely motivated. You just cannot give in to them. It is the world’s best example of tough love. All this work just for her to attempt “Mmmmm”. But listen carefully. It’s not obvious unless you work with her, but she does it at the end. And gets her gummy bear.

Take a look!

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