Tattooed Barber with a Big Heart Is an “Everyday Hero” to This Autism Family

At Authentischen Barbier in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, a very special person is hard at work: the owner, Franz Jakob. The barber has been cutting hair since he was 12 years old, and the old-fashioned setup of his shop is an attraction for many. But it isn’t his experience or his decor that has caused him to gain internet fame. Nope, he’s gained recognition after a photo of him laying on the floor in order to cut an autistic boy’s hair went viral.

The photo depicting the touching scene has gotten over 850,000 views on Imgur.

Facebook/Marcel Robitaille
Facebook/Marcel Robitaille

This was not the first time Jakob had cut the little boy’s hair. In fact, Wyatt Lafrenière is a regular of Jakob’s. It turned out that other hairdressers felt unequipped to cut the hair of a child who really struggles in the barber’s chair. So Wyatt’s family is happy they found Jakob.

“He welcomes him like his best friend,” said his mom, Fauve. “To see that he accepts these differences is just fantastic.”

Authentischen Barbier
Facebook/Authentischen Barbier

Jakob also serves other individuals with special needs, scheduling these unique appointments at the end of the day when he’s under no time constraints and can really take his time and work with his clients. Unsurprisingly, Wyatt’s family has referred some special needs’ families to Jakob’s business!

Jakob also serves terminally ill patients for free, which he explains is an “indescribable” experience. “Everyone is crying, it’s really something. I’m really proud to be doing all this,” he said.

Wyatt’s mom says that Jakob is an “everyday hero,” and that title certainly seems to fit him.

Thank you for all that you do, Franz Jakob!

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