These Curious Passersby Are in for a Big Surprise When They See What’s Behind That Door…

It’s just another ordinary day at Chicago’s Union Station.

Or is it?

A door appears as if from nowhere, accompanied by a sign that simply says “What is behind the door?” It leaves the people rushing for their trains to wonder what, exactly, is going on.

If it were you, would the door beckon to you to be opened? Or insist on remaining closed? Check out which route some of the train station patrons took. It’s pretty awesome, as well as a fascinating look at human behavior.

Some walk right by the door without investigating this mysterious situation further.


Others, however, are a little more curious and adventurous…either that, or they’ve got plenty of time to catch their trains (some of those other people could have been in a hurry; that’s a totally legitimate excuse to walk right on by!).


Those who do decide to check out the mysterious door all end up finding the same thing. But their reactions are so varied that it’s definitely worth watching through to the end. I especially loved the reaction of the woman at 1:14. She had me cracking up!

Check it out, and let this fun surprise brighten your day!

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