This Autistic Man’s Love of Routine Turned Into A Successful Business Opportunity

For Matt Resnik, a young adult with autism, stress-free days are achieved by setting up a detailed to-do list and checking off items one by one. For Matt, consistency creates comfort.

With a little help from the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, Matt’s love of routine turned into a business opportunity and a chance for Matt to increase his independence.

After his high school graduation, Matt created SMILE (Supporting Matt’s Independent Living Enterprise) Biscotti to start supporting himself and saving for his own place to live.

See how Matt’s methodical nature has translated into a successful at-home baking business! You’ll want to share this inspirational story with your friends…and purchase some of his biscotti!

Although many people with autism, like Matt, are perfectly capable of doing fantastic work, they often struggle to find meaningful employment, largely due to social deficits. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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