It’s Never too Early to Plan for the BEST. SCHOOL. YEAR. EVER!

With summer coming to an end, we’re all wondering where the time went. The days of sleeping in late are rapidly flying by and it’s time to start planning for a new school year. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to help you combat the back-to-school blues, and prepare you and your kids for your most successful year yet!

Educate Yourself

In the weeks before the new year begins, schools will be sending out a wealth of valuable information. Read it! This should contain the answers to questions about your child’s teacher, schedules, important locations, emergency plans, and extracurricular activities.

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Plan Ahead

Making a note of important events, far in advance, will maximize the likelihood you will be able to attend events like open houses and recitals! With our busy schedules, planning ahead is a necessity.

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Re-establish a Schedule

Playing all day and staying up late are the best, and letting go is hard! To avoid the sudden shock of bedtimes and homework, it’s best to start gradually easing your kids back into a routine. The National Association of School Psychologists recommends getting your child accustomed to being back in a learning environment by swapping out the TV for educational activities, like puzzles and flash cards.

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Get Back to School Shopping Out of the Way Early

Getting a head start on back to school shopping allows you time to find all of the things you didn’t know you needed. Teachers typically provide a list of required school supplies that you should bring along, and it helps to carefully review dress code requirements before purchasing new clothes. Avoid the stress of trying to find everything by giving yourself ample time to shop. Your preparedness will rub off on your kids!

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Visit the School

Allowing your child to see where they will be spending their days will ease some of their first-day fear. Help them locate important places, such as their locker and classroom, the office, nurse’s office, and the cafeteria. If you schedule this with the school, you may be able to introduce your child to their teacher prior to the first day. The key is establishing comfort.


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