The Kids All Laughed When The Principal Said He Was Going To Dance. Then The Music Started

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Tyson Kane was always the “cool” principal to his students, but they never suspected he could school them in dancing, too.

In the trending video below, Principal Kane dispels the notions that grownups can’t dance. When the clip starts, he’s standing calmly at the start of a school assembly; by the end, the kids are stunned into silence as their principle coolly breakdances in the middle of the gym.

Kane told Business Wire that he’s long aspired to be an educator and role model, and he’s long been an advocate of quality education. Key to his success is the great lengths he goes to to connect with students, hence his tendency to get down and boogie on the gym floor.

Kane also encouraged all teachers to step up, and take seriously their role in shaping our country’s younger generations, according to Business Wire.

“Great teachers are the most important ingredient (to school success),” he said. “We have a strong school culture and an amazing team. My simple goal is for us to be great. I want this because we work too hard and are too dedicated not to realize it. And our kids deserve it.”

Of course, Kane also knows that kids also love a good surprise, which is why he picked this random school assembly to show off his moves! What do you about Principal Kane’s unique approach to the job?

Check out Principal Kane’s dance moves in the video below!

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