Woman With Autism Struggling To Get Hired Finally Lands Her Dream Job

24-year-old Sarina stern has struggled to get hired, even during the labor shortage that the country is going through.

Stern, who is autistic, had applied to several jobs, but was overlooked for all of them. She decided to enroll in a job training program with Sports Social, that provides programs for people with different disabilities.

She ended up doing an interview with FOX5, and told her that her dream would be to work at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, an interactive art installation. Their website says that participants will explore an extraordinary supermarket that bursts into surreal worlds and unexpected landscapes.

Once the story got out, Meow Wolf heard about Stern and contacted Sports Social.

After she went on a job interview with Omega Mart, her wish came true. She was now Omega Mart’s newest employee.

Photo: YouTube/Fox5 Las Vegas

“Needless to say I screamed with joy when the call was over, I was so thrilled to beyond my wildest dreams. And it’s better than I could’ve imagined to be honest with you,” Stern told FOX5.

Stern restocks products and helps customers as a retail associate. She loves her new job because she really feels like she can be her true self and finally feels appreciated. They even encourage her to bring her stuffed animals, which helps her feel right at home.

Photo: YouTube/Fox5 Las Vegas

Her favorite part is interacting with the people and playing with them as they navigate the exhibits.

Stern hopes that her story will encourage other adults with disabilities to not give up if they’re having a hard time finding a job.

“Show them what you have to offer,” she told FOX5. “Show them how passionate you are about the specific field you’re trying to go into and just know you’re worth it – you can do it.”

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