Student With Autism Created A Unique Art Business During Quarantine

The 2020-2021 school year is unique, to say the least. As students resume their virtual learning, they sometimes look for ways to beat the quarantine by keeping busy. That is what Amari Taylor did, by creating a business that he refers to as “art from the heart – made with love.”

As someone living on the autism spectrum, Amari has had problems with how quarantine has affected his daily routine. He knew that he loved art, so he was looking for a way to incorporate it into his daily life at home.

Amari’s mother, Anya Remy said that it has been a nice outlet for his feelings, according to Local DVM. She laughs when she says that he draws a lot of hearts.

The CDC reports that 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Amari is one of those individuals, but his mother says he has benefited from the early intervention programs available through Montgomery County schools.

Art was always one of his favorite subjects but he has gone beyond schooling and now made it into a business so he could save for college.

Taylor posts the artwork on Instagram. He gets inspiration from what is in his heart and his head. According to Local DVM, he says, “hearts is love.”

Amari is planning on building his business selling artwork. He still has a lot of school to get through, as he is now entering the 8th grade.

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