“Autistic Like Me” Director Started Project to Teach Others About His Son But Then Became the Student Instead

We hear a lot about how moms cope with kids with autism, but we don’t often hear a father’s perspective. Well, it’s time to change that. One father in particular decided to do something to show people his perspective and his son’s perspective.

“Autistic Like Me” director Charles Jones discusses how making a film about his son’s autism helped him better understand everything he has to be thankful for.

Jones admits wishing his son weren’t autistic, which is an emotion many parents experience while trying to learn how to deal with an autism diagnosis.

However, he has learned a lot from his child and his experience making the “Autistic Like Me” film, and he believes parents (and everyone) need to learn to see an autism diagnosis as an opportunity to learn and grow.

In the video below, Jones discusses the film, how it was created, and how it changed his life.

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