Autistic Kids of Parents Who Also have Autism & Many Undiagnosed

Am gifted & cursed with Asperger’s. Father was too, judging by his behavior. Know he was as face blind. Mother was further along the spectrum than I am. If I tried to get her to cuddle me, she would push me away. If I tried to climb in her lap she would shove me off. She asked one day, “Why are you being such a pest? Why don’t you go play by yourself? I used to love to play by myself!” I was not allowed to have any kids come in the house or go to anyone else’s house because “then we’ll have to reciprocate.” Father would not let us have a phone, go to church, PTA meetings or even funerals; nowhere he’d have to recognize folks. Suspect he was trying to hide his face blindness from co-workers because he would take us to restaurants & on trips. Was friendly to strangers he wouldn’t have to see again. Have Asthma. Desperately needed clean house but Mother had hoarding OCD. Could throw nothing away, not even spoiled food. My attempts to clean up would cause her to have melt downs & I’d be in trouble for “upsetting your Mother.” Stayed severely sleep deprived from breathing problems. Father saw nothing wrong with me having no friends or Mother not wanting me around. Actually glad to be along Spectrum because is where I get my gifts. But is VERY hard to be child of 1! On other hand they took me to zoos, museums & rocket launches. Encouraged my INSATIABLE curiosity! Mother realized I was smart, Kept them from putting me in with dummies. Have Expressive Agnosia which was not diagnosed. Failed classes because cannot follow Teacher’s hand movements. But am VORACIOUS reader. Would not have learned anything new in dumb classes!

Elizabeth Hensley
Williston, FL

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