Autistic Child: “Mommy, I hate my brain, I just need a new brain”

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By Jenny Decker RN for

Being the mother of a child with autism, I describe my experiences with noticing and denying my child had autism, difficulties with communication, getting services, and how the family coped and improved our lives.

I knew something was wrong even before she was a year old. She had many of the warning signs of autism. But I was in denial. I did not want to admit that my child may have autism. I think I thought that if I denied it long enough, it would go away. Even so, I did realize she needed to be tested for a disability, so at age two I took her in. The fact that she could not communicate made it impossible for testing to occur. For reasons I do not understand, we were told they denied her placement in the county preschool for children with disabilities. So, a few weeks later when she turned three, I had them try again. This time, she qualified.

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