What It’s Like to Date Someone on the Spectrum (When You’re Neurotypical)

Being in a romantic relationship is not always easy and it isn’t always the butterflies and bliss that the movies make it out to be. Relationships take a lot of work, and they require two people from completely different backgrounds to learn to work together and get along.

They can be even more difficult when your partner is someone who has a different neurotype than you. That’s because their brain is wired differently and literally works differently than your own.

But that doesn’t mean these types of relationships are impossible or even undesirable. It just means there are differences that need to be learned about and accepted.

As the sweet couple in the video below has learned to do.


Nathan Selove is an autistic man, and his girlfriend, Jess, is neurotypical. In this sweet, funny, and cute video, the couple humorously and light-heartedly shares some of the ways in which dating an autistic person can be a quirky experience…and one that comes with a few challenges at times.

While maintaining a relationship with autism can come with some unique obstacles, Jess assures us that she loves him all the same—not in spite of the way he is, but because of the way he is.

And as anyone who has had relationship experience can tell you, that’s vital, regardless of who you are and who you are dating.


This is actually not the first time we have heard from Nathan on The Autism Site Blog.

Previously, we shared his story of how he and his family managed to fight the discrimination he and his service dog, Sylvia, faced at his school.

Nathan was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 9 and struggled with meltdowns and was the target of bullying. His family got him Sylvia as a service dog, hoping she would be able to help him manage, and they were right.

But Nathan’s school was much less accepting of Sylvia than they should have been; as a result, Nathan and his family had to fight for his rights as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. The video sharing his story may be long, but it’s incredible and well worth the time it takes to watch it.

Check out his incredible story here after you watch this cute and lighthearted video about the dynamic between him and his girlfriend!

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