More About What It’s Like to Date Someone on the Spectrum (When You’re Neurotypical)

Being in a relationship when your partner is on the spectrum and you are neurotypical isn’t always easy…but it’s by no means impossible, either. It comes with its unique quirks and interesting moments, that’s for sure.

And no one knows this better than the people who are actually in the relationship. For example, Nathan Selove and his girlfriend, Jess Farris.

A while ago, the two lovebirds created a candid, funny, and sweet video about what it was like for the neurotypical Jess to be dating the autistic Nathan. It was super cute, so it’s not surprising that the internet loved it.

That being said, Nathan and Jess decided to create a part two and share more of their experiences as a couple with differing neurotypes.

Photo: YouTube/Oak Croft Films
Photo: YouTube/Oak Croft Films

From arguing over whether to wear sweatpants or pajama pants (and why), to battles over the volume of the TV, to little things throwing Nathan for a loop, the different experiences the two share in this video are based on real-life events.

And it’s adorable.

Photo: YouTube/Oak Croft Films
Photo: YouTube/Oak Croft Films

It’s especially sweet when Jess says, “Honey, you’re a much better autistic than you are a neurotypical.” It really shows that she accepts Nathan for who he is…and that kind of acceptance is important, no matter who you are and whether you’re autistic or neurotypical!

Check out their awesome part 2 video below!

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