12-Year-Old Boy With Autism Can Name Any Car Ever Made

We all have an interest that we’re passionate about. For some, that can be the arts. For others, it might be gardening, or cooking, or collecting stamps.

For 12-year-old Anthony Schmidt, that passion is cars. In fact, he knows so much about cars that he can identify any make and model based on a photo.

Schmidt’s vast knowledge of vehicles began with the first model car that he collected. And as his collection grew, so did his knowledge about cars.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about Schmidt’s car trivia is that he was able to help New York detectives solve a criminal investigation!

Apparently, after a crime was committed, footage of the getaway car was captured. The only problem was that the image was too grainy for them to properly identify the make, model, or year. But when they approached Schmidt about the image, he was easily able to tell them all the facts about the car. This ended up resulting in the suspect’s arrest. Well done!

Schmidt lives near Seattle Washington with his mother, Ramona. She shared with Good News Network that Schmidt’s enthusiasm for cars began when he was very, very young – just two years old. According to Ramona, “By age six, he’d begun creating a photographic series of tableaus starring his model cars staged in hyper-realistic settings.”

This meant that he had quite the collection by the time he was just nine years old. As a result, his mom set him up on Facebook and Instagram where he could show off his vast knowledge. As she shared with the local paper, the Woodinville Weekly, his intelligence resulted in him acquiring a fair amount of recognition from the locals. Ramona said, “He gets recognized in public. There was an overwhelming response from people asking for calendars or coffee table books.”

Now, Schmidt even sells merch to his fans. He has his own line of products such as calendars, books, photographic prints, etc. All of his offerings can be purchased on his website, Anthony Schmidt Photography.

In order to keep up with all his model cars – a collection of more than 600 models – Schmidt employs the help of an Excel spreadsheet. As Ramona explained to KOMO News 4, this high level of organization is due to his autism. However, she doesn’t see it as a hindrance, but rather something that has made it possible for him to build his collection and be who he is.

As Schmidt opened up, he hopes that his interest and his photography can inspire people. He had the following message to share with followers, according to Tanks Good News: “You can set your mind to whatever you want.” And that simply beautiful.

Check out the video below:

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