Meet Seth—An Amazing Artist With An Amazing Mom!

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Seth Chwast was diagnosed with autism at age 2. His childhood was rough at times, with very few people recognizing his abilities and gifts. Most people only saw him for what he wasn’t able to do.

At an evaluation when he was 18, he and his mom were told he should push a dry mop for a living. His mom, Debra, however, would have NONE of that!

“There’s nothing wrong with dry mopping if you want to do it,” Debra says. “But that’s not Seth’s thing.”

She encouraged her son to do whatever he wanted to do with his life, even though she knew there would be obstacles no matter what career path he chose.

When Seth was 20, he started painting. And painting. And painting! It quickly became a passion, and it was clear that he excelled at it despite having no formal training.

The Chwast home is now essentially a gallery for his artwork, and he has sold paintings worldwide, thanks to an amazing gift for art and a wonderful support system. His mom now acts as his business manager, partner, agent, and promoter. What an amazing talent and mind! What an amazing family!

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