These Teens Had Trouble Expressing Themselves Until They Tried This Therapy

Oftentimes, children on the autism spectrum can have difficulties communicating — at least in the classical sense of communication. It’s quite possible, however, to be good at a different kind of communication than the one everyone around you defaults to.

For siblings Justin and Serena, who were both diagnosed with ASD at a young age, words were not an effective way for them to express their emotions. Their mother, Monica, tried several different therapies with very little success — that is, until she brought her children to piano lessons.

Now her kids have found a way to express themselves accurately that doesn’t involve words but that is, for the most part, accessible and relatable to those around them.

“Piano has been different than all the other therapies I’ve tried because I’ve seen my children mature and grow,” says Monica. “They’re much more open, much more focused…”

Find out what Justin and Serena love about music in the video below!

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