This Is Fantastic News For Everyone On The Spectrum — Especially Adults!

Good news for the autism community!

On August 8, 2014, the Autism CARES Act was signed into law — we’re currently in the middle of its run. The bill has allocated 1.3 billion dollars over five years to autism research, early detection, and intervention, with an emphasis on transitioning to adulthood. It also focuses on life skills, employment, housing, and transportation.

One in 68 kids are diagnosed with autism every year in the United States, and that number fluctuates on the state level. For example, in New Jersey, 1 in 45 kids are diagnosed every year. As we all know, those kids eventually become adults, and with around 50,000 young adults aging out of the system each year, developing programs and focusing on research for adults is crucial. With this act, there are more opportunities in place to help them transition.

This is especially important because far too many of these adults who age out of the system every year find themselves without the support they still need to get by in the world. Hopefully the Autism CARES Act will continue to help this vulnerable demographic.

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