See How These Cross-Trainers Have Helped High School Kids on the Spectrum!

Aim High is an alternative high school for adolescents who have difficulties at more traditional schools—including many kids who are on the spectrum. The goal of the school is to help students reach their highest potential, through curriculum that suits their individual needs.

A large portion of Aim High’s curriculum focuses on physical fitness. Many children on the spectrum have some difficulties with physical activities, which can make it difficult for them to get a healthy amount of exercise.

For some kids on the spectrum, issues like struggling to socialize and make friends can lead to issues with getting enough exercise as well, because they can’t play outdoor games with other kids. This can lead to lifelong health problems, so one of the school’s goals is to change the high schoolers’ relationship with exercise.

Thanks to a generous donation from the founders of NuStep, the students at Aim High now have two brand-new seated recumbent cross-trainers, designed to give people with physical barriers the ability to get some much-needed exercise.

For a student who suffers from pain in his extremities, NuStep takes some pressure off his feet. For a student who struggles with feeling anxious, NuStep relieves his stress. This addition to the kids’ school day has been a huge change for the better!

Find out more about how the students’ new equipment has changed their lives in this video!

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